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Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

We decommissioned a number of aging below-ground tanks, replacing them with twin-walled above-ground tanks for the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister.

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Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

During the Second World War the Government set up additional resources to fight fires, these were mostly in larger cities. Throughout the cold war period and until very recently this was maintained in reserve and latterly used during national emergencies and strikes. The vehicles used for this became known as the Green Goddesses and were stored at a large military base in the South East.

The fuel tanks that were used to fuel these vehicles had reached the end of their designed life. We were employed by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to de-commission and remove the old below ground tanks and to supply and install a twin walled above ground tank with a fully self-contained pump and gauges. We manufactured this tank to British Standard BS 799, the standard for above ground twin walled fuel tanks. The installation now complies with PPG2 with guidance for the storage of fuel.


Our work included:

  • New above ground steel fuel tanks to BS 799
  • Suction, fill and return fuel lines
  • Gauges

Project details

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Fuel Systems

Government & Defence

Contract value

3 weeks