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Toureen Retail
Social values

Social values

We strive to have a caring and understanding attitude to everyone we have contact with.

Working practices focus on our responsibility to our workforce and the wider community


At Toureen Retail we believe that our people are our most valuable asset.   Looking after their development creates loyalty and consistency of the high standards we expect; which will ultimately lead to our clients receiving the best services we have to offer from well-trained, motivated and skilled people. We have a dedicated training centre where every new member of the team goes through an in-house induction programme tailored to their individual role before they set foot in the workplace. This ensures that each new employee understands our business philosophy and receives the right training prior to starting in their new role. We employ apprentices at all levels and offer rigorous training programmes.

Employee Wellbeing

We pay particular attention to health and safety and insist all employees attend these sessions at their induction and throughout their employment with us. Best practice targets are set throughout the organisation for areas such as health, safety, the environment and sustainability, with rewards being given for innovative solutions for improvement. Mental health awareness is becoming widely promoted throughout the industry, with the sector beginning to shine a light on this issue and raise awareness of its impact on the workforce. Mates in Mind is a sector-wide initiative, which Toureen Retail fully endorses, striving to address the stigma of poor mental health; as well as improving positive mental well-being in the UK construction industry.


A healthy Work/Life balance is actively encouraged throughout Toureen Retail. We organise team building, social and charitable events for employees and give rewards for consistent high standards. We are committed to adopting schemes and working practices to create positive mental well-being, with our managers undergoing training to enable them to recognise potential issues before they become a problem. Our open door policy advocates discussion throughout the business, ensuring that the workforce know they have someone to turn to if needed.

Community Responsibility

Toureen Retail recognises the potential impact our practices could have on the wider community and the need for us to communicate our plans with them. We use newsletters delivered door to door as a way of communicating our future projects to residents. We advise of environmental impacts, planned road closures or diversions as well as our targets to ensure minimum disruption and nuisance to the surrounding locality.   We regularly provide updates on the progress of our projects ensuring all those concerned are kept informed.

Modern Day Slavery

Not only does Toureen Retail adopt a rigorous policy to ensure that modern day slavery does not exist anywhere within the business, we also apply pressure throughout our supply chain to ensure our business partners and suppliers have equally stringent policies. We insist on checking the credentials and legal documents of our workforce and we refuse to do business with anyone who fails to do the same. By filtering down our practice and ethos throughout our business supply chain we are endeavouring to eradicate modern day slavery within the industry.


As is often the case within our industry, Toureen Retail regularly works on site with a number of other firms of various disciplines. Key to the success of any project is building relationships and integrating our working practices with those of these other firms – whilst maintaining the integrity of our core values and never compromising on quality, safety and our high standards of workmanship. Planning and open discussions at the start of (and throughout) every project identifies and find solutions to any potential conflicts that may arise.

Community Engagement

Toureen Retail regularly makes charitable donations for local issues in an attempt to give back to the local community. We often give talks, provide equipment and undertake building work free of charge for local schools and nursing homes as well as offering work experience for local youths.